28 December, 2008

My husband is soooo cool

I just had to do a quick post telling you all how totally cool my husband is. Kent is usually very busy, but school is out for Christmas and he finished his college and school district classes last week so it has been nice to have him around this week. Last Friday I was doing the dishes and I felt water dripping on my feet. I looked under the sink and found that a pipe had completely come off and water was just spilling into the cabinet below the sink. Of course I could not finish the dishes. Kent fixed the sink on Saturday, but we were gone on Sunday so I still didn't get the dishes done. Monday came and there was a huge pile of four days worth of dishes in my sink. Well, my husband got up and did them!! He ended up doing 3 loads of dishes that day and he even did 4 loads of laundry. I was still recovering from my bronchitis and bruised ribs so it was so nice for him to do that. It doesn't stop there. He has done the dishes three more times this week and he has even cooked three times. It has been so nice having him home this week and my ribs are finally almost completely better and I think it is mostly because of all his help. Thank you sweet heart. I love you so much.


Whitni said...

Wow! Kent is awesome!

We're so glad you're getting better, Marilyn. Let him "take care" of you for a while longer, and enjoy!

Nate and Chelsea said...

I agree! Kent is awesome, and he should keep taking good care of you! I totally miss you guys! Hope you had a good Christmas, and will have a good new year!!

Tennant Family said...

Wow! That's great! You go, Kent! Love you guys!

leminge said...

Just thought I would say hi and Happy Anniversary! We miss you guys and need to be better at staying in touch. I just started a blog, but you need to be invited to look at it. If you send me your e-mail to leming_7@msn.com I will send you an invite. It's great to see all the pics and here about what you are doing. Liz Leming

Laurel and Jeremy said...

Glad to hear you are doing better. :) Let us know if you need anything. :) I can wash dishes as well. :) Heehee.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your family is doing well. We just moved to Grand Teton NP in Wyoming (December). We also had our little girl, Madisynn, on Sept. 23 and she is beautiful. Send me and email so we can catch up!!

Pamm Valdez

Supreme Chancellor said...

Kent, you stud you.

So what were the bruised ribs REALLY from Kent??? I'm telling you, a shock collar leaves so much less of a trace, lol.

It's good to see that you guys have a blog so that we can keep track of you. Of course, I see Kent on xbox live occasionally, but there isn't much dialogue with our super fast connection here.

As always, let us know if there is anything that we can do to help.