10 December, 2008

Twilight pics

Hi everyone so I am finally posting my pics from opening night of Twilight. We all had a lot of fun. When I saw it the second time, it really was a lot better. My mom saw it with us and said it was fantastic and loved it. She has never read the books because she is very busy with law school, but her last final is tomorrow so I am going to try and get her to read it during her break. First pic, starting from top left and going clock wise- My sister in law Erica, my sister Melissa, friend Mallery, Me, my friend Nicki, and last friend Katie.

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The Culbertson's said...

I love friends blog links! Just look at who you can run into. How have you been doing all these YEARS since we last saw each other? Your girls are adorable, I have two girls of my own 3 yrs and 1 yrs! I've got a blog too check it out!
Sara Smith Culbertson