25 November, 2008

Twilight Review

So I am finally writing my review of the movie. I have been very busy this weekend. So I have to admit I was a little disappointed in the movie at first, but after digesting it over few days I am liking it a little more. The fact is movies are never as good as the books. They just have to take out so much to fit it into 2 hours. I thought I was prepared for that, but it still takes some getting use to. When I first left the movie I would have given it a 3 out of 5, now maybe a 4. A friend of mine said when you first see the movie you are comparing it to the book no matter how hard you try not to so you have to see it again now that you are prepared for what is going to happen and then maybe you'll getter a more unbiased opinion of it. My brothers girl friend got him to go with her and he has not read the books. He said that it was pretty good. So I think that he is the best judge, and he isn't even a teen girl. Well we are all going back on Saturday my mom wants to see it so I will let you know if it gets better. I suggest to everyone who hasn't read it or seen it but is thinking about it, go see the movie first and then read the books you will be happy you did.

20 November, 2008

Only hours left!! And my friend Nikki.

So I have to apologize. I said I was going to write something every night until the premier and sadly yesterday I fell short, but to my defense I had a fantabulous Mary Kay class where I sold $500 in product and had a ton of fun. Unfortunatly, I think I have a sinus infection, and by the time I got home after 10 I was dead. But, I am happy to say that the premier is tonight!!! Only a few more hours left. We even have a new addition to our group.
Last night at my mk class I saw that my fabulous hostess Nikki had the entire collection of Stephenie Meyer books on her shelf. I asked her about it and we got in a discussion about the movie. She said she was way excited and wanted to go too. Now I have to tell you all a little about my friend Nikki. Nikki is a little 58 year old lady with some severe physical illnesses. She is so sick that she says that she should have died 6 years ago, but by a miracle Heavenly Father has kept her alive. She is one of the sweetest and stongest women I have ever met. She has to be on oxygen all the time and she is just now after all these years able to move a little about her house without a wheel chair. But through it all, Nikki is one of the most positive people I have ever met and has learned to enjoy life in the moment so you never have any regrets. Well, I went home and looked up online to find out if there were still tickets and there still were. So now Nikki is going with us. She is thrilled and is more stoked than any of us about joining all those screaming girls. I am so lucky to be a part of this wonderful ladies life. I will post pics tomorrow.

18 November, 2008

Only 2 days left =)

Here is another pic from the Breaking Dawn Relaese Party. This is Erica and me inside Barnes and Noble.

17 November, 2008

3 Days left!! Yes, I am a nerd. ;)

So like I said I am posting something everyday this week until the Twilight Opening on Friday. I decided to put up this picture of me and my friends at the midnight release party of Breaking Dawn (the fourth book in the Twilight series). We had lots of fun and I have never seen a Barnes and Noble so jam packed full of people. I am on the left wearing my Team Edward shirt I made. Melissa my lil'sis is next. Then Katie wearing her team Jacob shirt, and last my sister-in-law Erica.

16 November, 2008

Twilight week!!

Twilight opens on Friday! So in honor of it, I changed the background and will be saying a little something about the movie each day until it is here. Melissa and I bought our tickets today for the 12:01 am showing at Sam's Town. My sister-in-law Erica is also going along with Melissa's friends Katie and Mallery. We are all so stoked. I know it is extremely dorky to be so excited about a "Tween" flick, and I never thought I would ever be like this for vampires, but the books really are addicting and a lot of fun to read. I really hope the movie does the books justice. If anyone would like to join us early Friday morning, you can buy your tickets at Fandango. Hurry, they are going fast. The more of us the more fun it will be. So come scream and swoon with the rest of us. We love the Cullens!

Our week- movies, babysitting, and football

So I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with something interesting to talk about this week, but I felt like I was coming up short. Then I realized why. It is because I have been so busy. Disclaimer- I decided to type this all up on one post and cut and paste it on to different posts, but for some reason I can not get it to work so sorry it is so long.

High School Musical 3
Monday and Tuesday was a veterans holiday break. We didn't really do anything monumental with the four day weekend so on Tuesday afternoon My sister and I took Aurora, Brianna, and my niece Elyzabeth to see High School Musical 3. They loved it, and I am sure they bothered everyone in the theater because they wouldn't stay in their seats. They just had to dance to every song. I actually enjoyed it too. I thought it was better then the first two.
Of course I forgot the camera so I have no picks. Sorry.

Wednesday I then began babysitting two more kids. A five year old boy who is in Aurora's class at school and his two year old little brother. Their mom drops them off at 6:00 AM (I am not a morning person), but it has been working out ok so far. I take Aurora and the five year old to school at nine and then pick them both up after school. Their mom picks them up at four so I mostly just have the two year old and he is usually pretty sweet. The girls are working on princessing him up, but he doesn't want anything to do with it. It has been different being around a little boy so much. They really are very different from little girls. I am having to remember what to do with him to keep him busy. It's not all princess' and dolls anymore. Although we have discovered he does like our fisher price family doll house. =)

High school football
Friday night we went to Las Vegas High Schools play off game. Teachers and their families always get in free and they do a barbecue for us. How can you not go when there is free food involved and you are living off a teacher income? We also get special seating on the north end of the field. The girls love it because they get to run and play with all the other kids we just have to make sure they don't run on to the game field which Brianna tries to do sometimes. Brianna's favorite part is giving all the players high fives as they run on and off the field. Vegas beat Green Valley 45 to 32. Goooo Vegas, take it all the way to finals!
Well that is just a little bit of our week. hope your week was good, too. ;)

09 November, 2008

Tagged- My Amazing Hubby

Well, I was tagged by my friend Melissa Thatcher to tell everyone a little about my husband and why he is the most amazing guy; thus, making me the luckiest women ever.

So what makes my man so amazing? I could say all the generic things like Kent is hard working (which he is), or a good provider for our family (which he is), or a wonderful husband and father (which he is), but that just wouldn't convey how amazing he really is. We are about to have our 10 year anniversary on January 2nd (man that makes me feel old), and we have had are share of trials and frustrations. In those 10 years we have moved 11 times. Three of those moves I was pregnant and 2 of them we had a brand new baby. Nine of those moves have been in Aurora's life time. Most of those moves were not of our choosing, but through it all he has been so very patient and he has never given up that someday things would work out and we would finally find our niche in life. 3 years ago neither of us would even have imagined that he would become a teacher in the end. A year ago last September he had one of his biggest surprises happen to him; he was called to be Branch president in the tiny town we were living in in Bullfrog, Utah. But, even with being a first year teacher and raising a young family he never gave up doing what he could for us nor the branch. He juggled everything without complaining too much ;). When we finally thought we had found our place in life for at least a few years, we got another shock and realized we had to move again. Heavenly Father still had other plans for us, and knew we needed to be somewhere else. This was hard for me, but Kent was so strong and knew everything would work out. In June we picked up again and moved out of state to my home town of Las Vegas, Nevada. In September we had another major shock to our system. After having my annual routine pap test I got a call from my doctors office informing me that there was a high chance that I may have cervical cancer. It totally took me by surprise and almost derailed me, but Kent was so amazing through it all. There was more than one time that I ended up crying on his shoulder, and he would just hold me and tell me that everything was going to be ok. He is my rock. He was there for me through the painful, embarrassing tests, and all the doctor visits, and he was right everything was ok. The biopsy came back negative. I am not quite done with all the tests, but he is always there for me and the kids, and there is no way I could have got through any of this without him. I love him so much. We are now beginning a new journey in our life. We will hopefully be moving again in the next few months into our very first own home. It is going to be crazy, but hopefully wonderful, and Kent will be there again to make sure we all get through it without too many disasters. He truly is the most amazing guy out there.

I now TAG Mandy Walton, Monica Bird, Melissa Hughes, and Marlaine Mitchell to take the time and write down why your man is so amazing, and make sure you let me know what you come up with. See if you can beat my guy; good luck trying =).

My Lil' Bro and Sweet princess'

So my little brother Joshua came home from his mission in September, and these are some pictures from his homecoming. He is availiable girls ;). But he did recently begin dating the homecoming queen from UNLV, so you might have to hurry. Well, my girls had fun getting to know there fun uncle again. Brianna was only 11 months old when he left so she just knew him from our prayers for him. She kept calling him Kyle for a while, and I have to admit he is beginning to look alot like my brother Kyle. Now every time he comes to our house they yell at him that he can't play Halo because he always kicks them off the tv, but they love him anyways. I had to put this picture of the girls on here. These are their dresses from my cousins wedding where they were flower girls. Aren't they the most beautiful little angels?

04 November, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. We 1st visited Aurora at her school for their annual kindergarten Halloween parade and party on October 30th. In Nevada they have October 31st off from school because it is Nevada day. Aurora thinks it is very cool that they don't have to go to school on Halloween. We spent Halloween voting, and get ready for the trunk or treat at our church. The kids enjoyed going around the cars and seeing all there friends and it was especially nice being with my family for the holiday. The only Halloween we have been with them was when Brianna was born and I came home from the hospital so the girls had fun showing off their costumes for them. These are pics of the school party with Aurora and some of her friends David and Jasmine, my mom and dad, my brother Josh, and are family. The girls wanted to be fairies this year. I made their costumes for them except their wreaths which my grandma made for them when they were flower girls for my cousins wedding. They worked perfectly for their costumes and I think they turned out to be the cutest little pixies ever. I went as a gypsy again and Kent says he was a Ute basketball fan.

01 November, 2008

Louisiana Trip 08

Kent posted this in the middle of the night yesterday and surprised me with it in the morning. When I saw it, I asked him why he did not post a message with it, and he told me that writing was my area of expertise. So, I am now adding a little note of explanation to this blog for all of you that were questioning it. We actually went on this trip to Louisiana the day before Christmas last year. So many things happened this year, we are making up for lost time. Kent's brother Don lives in Plaquemine, Louisiana which is just across the Mississippi river from Baton Rouge. We had never visited him before so we decided to go with Kent's parents for Holiday break. So we loaded up the mini van and headed cross country. The two week long trip consisted of driving for 6 days, and visiting friends, family and the cool sights the rest of the time. This is actually just a few of the pics; we took over 150 pictures during the trip. These pictures include me and Kent's trip to the french quarter at New Orleans with his Dad (Grandma kept the girls entertained at Don's house), a trip to the wild animal park with the whole family, pics with the cousins (Sydni, Haley, Grant and Gabriel), a visit to a swamp (How often do you get to see a swamp when you live in the middle of the desert?), and we were even able to see some friends of ours Trevor, Whitni, and Aisling Wright who moved there from Utah a couple years ago. We had a ton fun, and if we could afford it, we would pile in the van again for another visit this Christmas.