15 December, 2008

Tagged- A Little About me

For those of you who already saw Emily's version of this that I accidentally posted yesterday, sorry here is mine. I have to tell you a funny annoying story I spent 45 minutes yesterday doing this and then when I went to post it my Internet went down because of a storm. I did not know if it worked until late last night. That is when I discovered that it did post, but just not mine, and everything I did was lost. So here it is again, and hopefully it will work this time (I am saving it over and over again just to be safe).

A--Attached or Single: Attached of course, remember 10 year anniversary coming up.
B--Best Friend: My mom
C--Cake or Pie: Depends, I am more of an ice cream, donut fan.
D--Day of Choice: I know it is weird, but I would have to say Mondays. It's my day off from babysitting so it is my get things done and relax day.
E--Essential Item: Right now it is my Mary Kay Satin lip set (my lips get really dry during the cold weather), and my inhaler (I have bronchitis which has inflamed my 20 year old asthma).
F--Favorite Color: Blue and pink
G--Greatest Accomplishment: Raising two adorable little girls without too many catastrophes.
H--Hometown: I use to say Las Vegas, NV until my husband pointed out that I only lived in Las Vegas for 7 years (now 7 1/2 since I'm back), and I have lived in Utah for a combined total of 22 years.
I--Indulgences: Anything home baked, cookies, bread, brownies, and don't forget my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
J--January or July: It use to be July, but the 115 degree Vegas summers put a damper on that so I am going to say January for now besides that is when my anniversary is.
K--Kids: Aurora EliAnn, and Brianna Skyler Tibbitts
L--Life is incomplete without: The three F's, Family, Friends, and a little Fun.
M--Marriage Date: January 2nd, 1999
N--Number of Siblings: 4 Kyle, Brandon, Joshua, and Melissa
O--Oranges or Apples: Oranges, but Apples are really good dipped in peanut butter.
P--Phobias or fears: Anything terrible that could happen to my kids.
Q--Quotes: Families are Forever (simple but so important).
R--Reason to Smile: A clean house, happy kids, and a good book to relax with.
S--Season: Fall, I love the leaves changing and getting out my warm cozy sweaters, but by the time spring comes around I am ready for my capri's again.
T--Tag 5 Friends: How about 6- Kirsten, Erin, Whitni, Chelsea, Melissa T, and Melissa H.
U--Unknown facts about me: I always enjoy a good party every once in a while.
V--Very favorite store: The Children's Place outlet store, and Down East Outfitters in St. George.
W--Worst habit: Procrastinating, but I am getting better.
X--X-ray or Ultra Sound: I haven't had good experiences with either lately. But, I will say ultra sound because it usually is used for something good like looking at your baby. X-ray means something bad like checking for a collapsed lung or pneumonia.
Y--Your favorite food: Chicken Alfredo, or King Crab, both very good.
Z--Zodiac: Taurus


The Bakers said...

We are so much alike :)

Tennant Family said...

Hmmm...Marilyn, I don't think you changed all the answers to your own...I think that's what your other friend's comment is trying to tell you!

Nate and Chelsea said...

That is funny. I hate when you spend so much time on something and then you lose it! :P Well, I did mine! :)

Anonymous said...

Much better! Sorry for your technical difficulties! I accepted your tag and posted mine...