11 December, 2008

Prayers for our friend Kirsten

I just wanted to do a quick post for my friend Kirsten. On Tuesday she suffered from what doctors thought was a stroke. She was luckily talking to a friend on the phone when it happened. Her friend could tell something was wrong and asked her. Kirsten just said something was really wrong and then the phone went dead. Her friend thought quickly and called for an ambulance. Kirsten lives in Delta, UT and they rushed her and Robert up to Utah Valley hospital where they admitted her and began running tests. Her whole left side was paralyzed and numb and she confused her speech which is why they assumed stroke. The CAT scan and MRI came back negative though so they are now calling it a complicated migraine, but they really do not know what it is. She is now recovering. They released her last night, her feeling is coming back in her body and she is able to talk, but she is still very week. Friends and family are taking care of the kids and helping her out. I am asking everyone at this time who knows Kirsten and Robert to please take the time now to pray for her and her family. She is only 30 years old and has 3 little kids, the youngest only 6 months old. Also I think it would be nice if everyone takes a little time now and post a little message of love and support on her blog. I think when she is feeling better reading those will help her know how many people love and care for her. We love you Kirsten!!!
Her blog is dewyzefamily.blogspot.com.


Severance Clan said...

Thanks Marilyn for informing us... our prayers are with her and her family.

Thatcher Family said...

WHAT???? HOLY COW! Thank you for posting this. They will all be in our prayers.