22 December, 2008

Being sick sucks

So I have been trying to get over being sick for no joke 6 weeks now. It started off as a really annoying cold that quickly turned into an even more annoying cough that just wouldn't go away. This has been like the worst most horribly irritating cough ever. It got so bad that 2 weeks ago I bruised my ribs from coughing so much, and Kent had to start wrapping my ribs. We don't have insurance and I was sure if I did go to the doctor they would just tell me it was a virus so I wanted to "tough it out" (plus I hate medicine). Well, a week and a half ago while walking home from picking up my niece from school I coughed so hard that I felt a pop in my rib cage. The pain that followed was so excruciating that I could barely walk the last few feet across my yard into my house. Once inside I luckily found my phone just inside my house and called my mom for help. She luckily didn't have school and was able to immidiatly come over. The kids I babysit just kept asking me if I was ok because all I could do was stand as straight as I could and barely move a muscle. My mom stayed with the kids and my dad took me to the UMC insta care. 3 hours and 4 prescriptions later (yuk!!) I got home. After two breathing treatments and some steroids I was feeling a lot better. It could have been worse the doctor was worried I had a collapsed lung and insisted on an x-ray. Everything was fine I have bronchitis which irritated my asthma that hasn't bothered me since I was a kid and I strained some ligaments in my ribs. Unfortunatly the medicines don't work fast and I am still fighting it, but it is getting a lot better. My ribs really are the most irritating now that my cough is a lot more under control. I keep reirritating them. I am excited to be finally almost over this. Yea!!!


Nate and Chelsea said...

Oh that sounds awful! I am so sorry! My brother has a nasty persistent cough that he got from a cold, but it is not as bad as yours. I am so sorry Marilyn! That totally does suck!!

Tennant Family said...

Woah! I'm so sorry! You are such a trooper! If I was there, I'd offer to help out...I'm glad you started treatment, though. We'll keep you in our prayers!