05 January, 2009

Christmas Break fun

So we had lots of fun this break. Unfortunately, the week before the break, a little boy I babysit broke my camera so I don't have a lot of pictures, but I will tell you about it instead. When we moved here it was right at the beginning of the summer, and as all of you who live here are aware, it is killer hot during the summer so we did not do very much. Well, we made up for it this last couple weeks.
The first weekend of the break we went to check out Lake Mead and we walked across the Hoover Dam. I wasn't sure what the kids would think, but they loved it and had a lot fun.
The Monday before Christmas we went sledding up Mt. Charleston with my brother Brandon and his daughter Lizzy, my Brother Josh, and my sister Melissa. The snow that the valley got was long gone by that time, but the mountain is 7,000 feet up and has plenty of snow (there is even a small ski resort). I thought we would drive the hour to get there, get to play in the snow for 15 min. and then the kids would be freezing and want to go home, but they had a blast. We bought three small sleds and took turns pulling the kids up a hill and dropping them. Amazingly we did not have one single catastrophe. The kids laughed and played for more then an hour. I found out that sledding isn't good when your ribs are still healing. Grandma Walton thought ahead and sent us with hot water and cocoa for hot chocolate when we were all done. Thanks to my brother I do have some pics of this.


Nate and Chelsea said...

That looks like fun! Not so much with bruised ribs, but the rest of it looks fun! :)

Tennant Family said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed your break! Now it's back to the everyday stuff...