06 January, 2009

New Years eve fun

So, this new years we did not plan very much. My parent's and most of our friends were out of town so we planned a quiet night just us and the kids. Instead of partying all night we decided to have a little fun during the afternoon. We took the girls to go hiking in Red Rock Mountains located just west of the city. The girls had a lot of fun running around and checking out animal foot prints. It reminded me of Bullfrog with the red rocks, and we even saw a little cotton tail that looked just like the ones all around our house there. I wish my camera wasn't broken! I learned I am out of shape. Kent made fun of me because we climbed up to a small overlook, and my butt was killing me the next day. Definitely time to start working out again. That night we rented Prince Caspian of Narnia for the girls. We watched it all together and ate Aurora's favorite dinner of shells and cheese (fancied up a bit for me and Kent's benefit). The girl's went to bed around ten and we stayed up and watched everything on t.v. while curled up in our nice warm bed. All in all, a very nice New Year's eve.

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