16 November, 2008

Twilight week!!

Twilight opens on Friday! So in honor of it, I changed the background and will be saying a little something about the movie each day until it is here. Melissa and I bought our tickets today for the 12:01 am showing at Sam's Town. My sister-in-law Erica is also going along with Melissa's friends Katie and Mallery. We are all so stoked. I know it is extremely dorky to be so excited about a "Tween" flick, and I never thought I would ever be like this for vampires, but the books really are addicting and a lot of fun to read. I really hope the movie does the books justice. If anyone would like to join us early Friday morning, you can buy your tickets at Fandango. Hurry, they are going fast. The more of us the more fun it will be. So come scream and swoon with the rest of us. We love the Cullens!


Thatcher Family said...

I'm sooo excited too!! :D

Tennant Family said...

I will be with you in spirit! We're going to see it here!