04 November, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. We 1st visited Aurora at her school for their annual kindergarten Halloween parade and party on October 30th. In Nevada they have October 31st off from school because it is Nevada day. Aurora thinks it is very cool that they don't have to go to school on Halloween. We spent Halloween voting, and get ready for the trunk or treat at our church. The kids enjoyed going around the cars and seeing all there friends and it was especially nice being with my family for the holiday. The only Halloween we have been with them was when Brianna was born and I came home from the hospital so the girls had fun showing off their costumes for them. These are pics of the school party with Aurora and some of her friends David and Jasmine, my mom and dad, my brother Josh, and are family. The girls wanted to be fairies this year. I made their costumes for them except their wreaths which my grandma made for them when they were flower girls for my cousins wedding. They worked perfectly for their costumes and I think they turned out to be the cutest little pixies ever. I went as a gypsy again and Kent says he was a Ute basketball fan.

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kdewyze said...

Very cute!! I love their costumes especially their tutu's. Looks like you all had fun.