01 November, 2008

Louisiana Trip 08

Kent posted this in the middle of the night yesterday and surprised me with it in the morning. When I saw it, I asked him why he did not post a message with it, and he told me that writing was my area of expertise. So, I am now adding a little note of explanation to this blog for all of you that were questioning it. We actually went on this trip to Louisiana the day before Christmas last year. So many things happened this year, we are making up for lost time. Kent's brother Don lives in Plaquemine, Louisiana which is just across the Mississippi river from Baton Rouge. We had never visited him before so we decided to go with Kent's parents for Holiday break. So we loaded up the mini van and headed cross country. The two week long trip consisted of driving for 6 days, and visiting friends, family and the cool sights the rest of the time. This is actually just a few of the pics; we took over 150 pictures during the trip. These pictures include me and Kent's trip to the french quarter at New Orleans with his Dad (Grandma kept the girls entertained at Don's house), a trip to the wild animal park with the whole family, pics with the cousins (Sydni, Haley, Grant and Gabriel), a visit to a swamp (How often do you get to see a swamp when you live in the middle of the desert?), and we were even able to see some friends of ours Trevor, Whitni, and Aisling Wright who moved there from Utah a couple years ago. We had a ton fun, and if we could afford it, we would pile in the van again for another visit this Christmas.


kdewyze said...

Looks like fun! What made you go to Louisiana? Cute pics of your family. Your kids are getting so big.

Luiz Eduardo said...

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Now, i can see your family every day, between this blog, nice.

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Rock on

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