09 November, 2008

Tagged- My Amazing Hubby

Well, I was tagged by my friend Melissa Thatcher to tell everyone a little about my husband and why he is the most amazing guy; thus, making me the luckiest women ever.

So what makes my man so amazing? I could say all the generic things like Kent is hard working (which he is), or a good provider for our family (which he is), or a wonderful husband and father (which he is), but that just wouldn't convey how amazing he really is. We are about to have our 10 year anniversary on January 2nd (man that makes me feel old), and we have had are share of trials and frustrations. In those 10 years we have moved 11 times. Three of those moves I was pregnant and 2 of them we had a brand new baby. Nine of those moves have been in Aurora's life time. Most of those moves were not of our choosing, but through it all he has been so very patient and he has never given up that someday things would work out and we would finally find our niche in life. 3 years ago neither of us would even have imagined that he would become a teacher in the end. A year ago last September he had one of his biggest surprises happen to him; he was called to be Branch president in the tiny town we were living in in Bullfrog, Utah. But, even with being a first year teacher and raising a young family he never gave up doing what he could for us nor the branch. He juggled everything without complaining too much ;). When we finally thought we had found our place in life for at least a few years, we got another shock and realized we had to move again. Heavenly Father still had other plans for us, and knew we needed to be somewhere else. This was hard for me, but Kent was so strong and knew everything would work out. In June we picked up again and moved out of state to my home town of Las Vegas, Nevada. In September we had another major shock to our system. After having my annual routine pap test I got a call from my doctors office informing me that there was a high chance that I may have cervical cancer. It totally took me by surprise and almost derailed me, but Kent was so amazing through it all. There was more than one time that I ended up crying on his shoulder, and he would just hold me and tell me that everything was going to be ok. He is my rock. He was there for me through the painful, embarrassing tests, and all the doctor visits, and he was right everything was ok. The biopsy came back negative. I am not quite done with all the tests, but he is always there for me and the kids, and there is no way I could have got through any of this without him. I love him so much. We are now beginning a new journey in our life. We will hopefully be moving again in the next few months into our very first own home. It is going to be crazy, but hopefully wonderful, and Kent will be there again to make sure we all get through it without too many disasters. He truly is the most amazing guy out there.

I now TAG Mandy Walton, Monica Bird, Melissa Hughes, and Marlaine Mitchell to take the time and write down why your man is so amazing, and make sure you let me know what you come up with. See if you can beat my guy; good luck trying =).


kdewyze said...

Wow, I am so glad that your test came back negative. That truly must have been hard and I can't imagine all the emotions that you must have been having. Thank goodness you do have Kent and your family to lean on and comfort you. Wish that I could have been there for you as well. And if you ever need an open ear I am here for you. Love you lots Kirsten

Thatcher Family said...

Wow Marilyn! Great post! What a relief about your test for sure. The emotions you and your family roller-coasted through must have been a great trial. But...its pretty evident the Lord has been and still is watching over you and guiding you!!

You had asked about our house on our blog. It's 1993 sq ft, 4 bd, 2.5 bath. It's KB, so you can look it up on their website. I think the only way to really get to the floor plan, is to search in Phoenix and then search for the Villas at Spectrum development (I think #6). Anyways, that's exciting you're looking for a home! Good luck! You should find some awesome pricing in Vegas! There's a lot here too, if you get an itch to come to AZ!! ;)

Whitni said...

We're so glad to know you are all doing well. What prompted the move to Las Vegas?

I can't believe how big your girls are getting! They are so beautiful!

Nate and Chelsea said...

Marilyn! I am so glad you have joined the blogging world! I have missed so much being able to hang out with you guys all the time. I am so glad to hear that you are doing well. It is so scary when those kinds of things happen. And Kent really is a wonderful guy. He makes everyone he is with feel like they are important to him, which is why I know he is an AMAZING teacher!! I hope all goes well with the new house, and I look forward to seeing pictures of the whole thing!! :) luv you guys!

Mandy Walton said...

Ok so I am going to do my tag on your blog as a comment, because I have not been keeping my blog up to date since I have been working so much. My guy is the best out there because of how much he puts up with me! I am definitely not the easiest person to live with. I have very high anxiety which leaves me wanting to always be in control of everything, to always know what's going to happen next, and to always know what we will be doing and when so I know what to bring. Kyle is so supportive of me and knows that its just a quirk of mine. He never criticizes me for it, in fact, he usually makes me laugh about it. He doesn't let me go back on my promises and he always helps me have fun. He knows exactly what my silences mean and doesn't care too much when I throw my shoes at him after election results come out. More than 75% of the time we are thinking the same thing and will almost bring up the same subject at once. We have the same wicked sense of humor and know what the other is thinking during different situations. He doesn't care that I'll whine to rent a movie and then not watch a single second of it. He loves cookies as much as me. Probably one of the biggest things for me is that Kyle is such a loving person unconditionally. He truly loves people and is such a better person than I. I also love how much Kyle loves my family. He gets along great with my dad and for that I am grateful. It's nice to see the two guys I love most hanging out together. Kyle is a hard worker and doesn't tell me things that he knows will make me worry (like knowing when he's going to get laid off!). He knows he's really in charge, but lets me believe that I am, so that's really all that matters in a marriage, right? hee hee...
Oh ya, and of course he's a wonderful father, but that goes without saying. He loves being a daddy.