09 November, 2008

My Lil' Bro and Sweet princess'

So my little brother Joshua came home from his mission in September, and these are some pictures from his homecoming. He is availiable girls ;). But he did recently begin dating the homecoming queen from UNLV, so you might have to hurry. Well, my girls had fun getting to know there fun uncle again. Brianna was only 11 months old when he left so she just knew him from our prayers for him. She kept calling him Kyle for a while, and I have to admit he is beginning to look alot like my brother Kyle. Now every time he comes to our house they yell at him that he can't play Halo because he always kicks them off the tv, but they love him anyways. I had to put this picture of the girls on here. These are their dresses from my cousins wedding where they were flower girls. Aren't they the most beautiful little angels?

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