08 December, 2009

Computer Woes

Wow, I have not posted anything in way too long. It is crazy how life can get in the way. I wish I had something extremely exciting or fun to report but life has been pretty normal lately. A few weeks ago while playing a game on facebook I picked up a virus which has completely shut down my desk top and a few weeks before that Kent's laptop stopped taking any charge at all. Both fixes will cost a couple hundred dollars at least so we are now using my parents spare laptop which has its own problems. So sadly is the fact that all my pics that I have taken for the last couple years were saved on both our computers. Most of them being on my desk top and I am not sure we will ever retrieve them again. It makes me sad that the last couple years of our lives my disappear into the cyberspace universe. I do have few things that I have saved on photo bucket, but the last time I did that was almost a year ago so anything as recent as nine months ago is gone. The new pics I have taken since Halloween and Thanksgiving luckily are still on my camera, but I don't have a place to save them currently so I will have no pics on my blog for a little while until I get this problem sorted. Computers are amazing and they have done so much for our lives, but this has taken me back and made me realize that sometimes we can become too dependent on them. I never realized how much I could lose when one decided it was time to stop working for me. Nevertheless, it really hasn't slowed my computer use down much except to make me much more cautious while using facebook. Well at least I have learned that backing up your files on a separate hard drive, frequently, is a smart thing to do.


Laurel and Jeremy said...

if you have to get a new computer I would like to recommend apple...no viruses, easy upkeep and you can do AMAZING things with photos and videos!! They are more expensive but we LOVE ours! Also, you can get 10% off for Kent being a teacher...sweetness!

Chelsea said...

I am so sorry! That sucks! We have been talking about getting an external hard drive, and I think that will be our next purchase. Maybe you can take them to a computer place to see if they can be retrieved? Hopefully!