07 October, 2009

Fun with hair

Yesterday, Aurora came home from school sick (actually she never really got there, she threw up in our car pool friends van). But, after we got her all cleaned up (and the van), we decided to try entering into a hair style contest with the extra time we had in the afternoon. We decided it would be fun to do a Halloween do since its October. We figured it out, took the pictures, and then I had to leave to do some other things. Later that night, at midnight, I was getting in bed and I remembered the contest. I knew I had to finish it because Aurora would be asking me about it in the morning. My computer was moving like tar and it took forever to down load the pictures. I was working in the dark because Kent was sleeping in the bed next to me, and I was a little loopy and the words kept blurring together, but at 2:05 a.m. I sent off the e-mail.

Crazy enough, we won!!! Check it all out at http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com/ , the link is in my right side bar. Thank you Mindy and your girls for picking us. We had a lot fun.


Lisa and Preston said...

Wow! That's beautiful! I'm very impressed. Did you win a cool prize for having the best hair style?

Tennant Family said...

Ha! I totally hadn't yet read your post and this morning, I went to get a new style for Annie and I was looking at the one you submitted. As I was scrolling through, I saw the finished product and I was like, "Hey, that girl looks like Aurora!" Annie's hair is too shart for the whole thing you did, but I think we will try the top spiderweb part of it. :)