03 August, 2009

Bishop Grandpa

I thought I would do a quick post about my dad. The second week in July he was put in as bishop of our ward. A lot of my friends have made comments about if it is weird to have my dad as bishop. Kent's teases me that I am the bishop's daughter. I don't know why he thinks that would bother me so much when I was the branch president's wife at one time. It really is not that strange. It is a little odd since we live in the same house as him, but I am 30 years old so it really isn't the same as if I was in high school. Any ways, it has been a change. The biggest difficulty is what my dad has to go through now. He has been really stressed out about it, but I think he is beginning to feel a little more comfortable. Things will get better. The weekend he was put in my grandma Shelton and my mom's sister Dianne and my Uncle Craig, and two of my dad's brothers came down for a visit with their kids. We don't see my Dad's family very often so my kids don't remember much of my uncles kids, but they had a blast getting to know them. We decided to head up to Mt. Charleston to escape the heat.
Here is Bri, she had lots of fun walking along this log as if it was a tight rope.
Here are Aurora and my cousins hiking around the mountain stream.
This is my sis-in-law Mandy and my lil' nephew Andrew.

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Tennant Family said...

Looks like fun! And I would hope you'd be past the whole "Bishop's Daughter" bad girl thing by now! :)