30 July, 2009

Josh and Ilse' Wedding

First things first. My brother Josh got married on May 30th. It was a beautiful wedding, and we absolutely adore Ilse. My kids can not get enough of her. She is their new favorite person, and are always wanting to know when she is coming over. When she is here, they completely monopolize her time.

The nieces were all flower girls. I got some adorable candids of the girls around the temple. This is of my Brianna in the back and my niece Alyssa in front.

Here is Aurora in reverie about the day.

This is a shot of all the girls trying to get ready for a pic with Ilse.

Here is my girls again right in the middle of the cake cutting process, of course.

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Chelsea said...

Your girls are SO adorable! I absolutely LOVE those dresses!!