17 March, 2009

My Angelina Ballerina

Last week was Nevada reading week, and each day of the week they had the kids at Aurora's school do different things. On Wednesday the kids were suppose to go to school dressed as their favorite story book character. One of Aurora's favorites is Angelina Ballerina. I like to give my kids a special book each year at Christmas, when Aurora was one I gave her Angelina Ballerina. It has become a family favorite. I decided to make the costume. I made the tutu the same way I did their Halloween costumes and then I attempted to make little mouse ear clips. I think they turned out pretty cute. Brianna felt left out so I made her some ears too.


Thatcher family said...

Great job Marilyn! How fun!

leminge said...

Looks like they loved it.

Tennant Family said...

So cute! Aurora looks like she LOVED it!