17 March, 2009

Happy St. Patty's day and fun with hair

Happy St. Patricks day everyone! We had lots of fun doing green things today. Kent made green eggs and bacon for breakfast and later I made green peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, mmmm yummy.

I have also had a lot fun doing the girls hair the last couple weeks here are a few pics. One is from Aurora today. I took this after school, but I think it held up pretty good. I was going to do Bri' too, but she is really sick today so she just got a quick pony tail. This was definitely one of my favorites from my favorite hair blog. Another is of Brianna of one I made up for her. She has very thin hair so I do what I can. Then there is Aurora from her Angelina Ballerina day. We call this the Ballerina bun. It is also one of my favorites from the blog. Links are at the bottom if you would like to learn how to do these yourself. I am also adding a link to my absolute favorite. I don't have a pic but check it out any way it looks way cute on both my girls.
Triple twists with messy buns This is our personal absolute favorite hair do. Every time I do it on the girls they get complements. I will try to post a pic tomorrow.


leminge said...

Sounds like you had fun. We had green pancakes, green mac and cheese, green cupcakes and then corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

Kirsten said...

That turned out way cute. The ribbon really makes it stand out. That's what I did for Valentine's Day is use the ribbon. Too fun!! I think Karalee's teacher likes to see how her hair is done everyday.

Tennant Family said...

Too cute! I did the shamrock hair-do, too. I'll have the pix up soon. I LOVE that hair blog! Thanks for suggesting it!