25 February, 2009


Wow, this month has disappeared. I thought that I would do a very quick over view of February since I did not post much. I have to admit the biggest reason for that was our laptop cord expired. We ordered a new one, but it took three weeks to get here. I could have used the desk top, but I love sitting in my comfy bed with my kids quietly snoring in their beds when I do my blogging.

Well most of this month was spent doing normal day to day activities like taking care of my family, babysitting, cleaning, shopping, and etc., but a lot was spent trying to figure out what are family is going to do for at least the next few years. We figured out at the beginning of this month that something was really up with the Clark County School district. Kent and his fellow science ARL teachers who were all assured at the beginning of the year that they were needed, realized that non of them were getting jobs. Las Vegas High school, where Kent was filling a science position as a long term sub, put his name in for hire three times and the school district kept kicking it back out. We knew something was wrong so we started weighing our options, and preparing for the worst. This past Thursday we got the confirmation. The school district is not hiring any more teachers because they are undergoing serious budget cuts and just can't afford it even though they are needed. After talking to his principle on Friday, Kent came to the conclusion that he was not going to waist any more of his time working as a full time sub for the sucky class he had doing all the work of a full time teacher, but not getting paid the salary nor the benefits. He is now doing day to day subbing for now, and using his time after school to find something more permanent.

We are crossing our fingers on a teaching position in Nye county school district at Puhrump Valley high school about an hour and a half away. We'll see what happens in the next couple weeks, but for now we are surviving and looking forward to what the future may bring. One thing for sure is Kent is much happier and that makes me happy.


Chelsea said...

It will work out! You will be in our prayers for sure!

Andrea said...

I am glad to hear that you guys were able to make a decision. We will definitely keep you in our prayers and hope that everything works out for the best for your family :)

Amy Guymon said...

I really hope it al works out for you and your family! We love you guys!

Kirsten said...

Well, it sounds like that maybe by April pres. Obama will have figured something out for all these teachers that are suffering. So I believe and keep faith that something will work out. Love ya!!