20 February, 2009

Cool hair blog

So I have not posted very much this month. I have been pretty busy babysitting, and we havn't been doing anything very exciting as a family. I did want to point out that I added a button to an awesome website that I love. It is all about cool hair ideas for girls, and even a little about adoption. My friend Kirsten e-mailed me about it earlier this week, and I have been on it looking for new ideas every single day this week. Even Aurora, who normally for the past six years of her life fights me every day to let me do her hair, likes the website. She has had fun checking out the do's and telling me which one she wants me to do to her. It has made the mornings alot easier amazingly! I would have taken some pictures, but we are still without a camera currently. Hopefully I will be getting one soon (a late valentines present). Check out the website it is way cute!! And thank you Kirsten for the e-mail!

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Mindy said...

Thanks for adding my button to your blog! And for adding the post too! That's very nice of you. Las Vegas huh? We are heading down there in a month for a nice break from reality. And of course for some sun! Do you have any great "don't miss" activities for the kids? We would like to do more kid friendly stuff and less "strip" stuff.